Welcome to The Barista’s Coffee Holdings, where our core focus is on producing exceptional quality coffee while supporting local coffee producers in gaining traction for their brands. 


We are driven by a greater purpose — the support of survivors of sex and human trafficking.

Our unique offering combines our passion for coffee with a commitment to making a difference.

Since our inception, we have conceptualized and successfully tested our innovative concept, bringing it to market with great success.


At The Barista’s Coffee Holdings we believe that every cup of coffee can create positive change. 

By choosing our products, you join us in supporting survivors and contributing to their



We take pride in sourcing the finest coffee beans, ensuring that each sip delivers an unforgettable experience.


Join us in our journey as we combine the love for coffee, the empowerment of local coffee producers, and the support for survivors. 


Together, we can make a meaningful impact, one cup at a time.


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